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 Our lodges offer the perfect, cost effective way of managing your addiction! Auchrannie Co-ownership - your own holiday home at a fraction of the normal cost.

Co-ownership enables you to buy the holiday time you require in the lodge of your choice at a fraction of the cost to buy outright, and without the headaches. The resident management team are on hand throughout the year to ensure that your lodge is maintained and cared for in your absence.

Under Scottish Law your holiday weeks are yours in perpetuity and like any property you can rent it out, sell it, give it away or bequeath it to your heirs. For a very modest investment you have a holiday home for the rest of your life.

As a lodge owner at Auchrannie, your purchase not only protects you from the spiralling cost of holidays in years to come, you also have access to a vast range of exchange opportunities throughout the world.

You can exchange your week for a different time of year at one of 3,000 resorts in more than 80 different countries worldwide.

Enjoy a lifetime of quality holidays for you, your children and your grandchildren.