what is co-ownership?

Co-ownership (or timeshare) is a straight forward concept which lets you buy a holiday home for a fixed period or, if in Scotland, in perpetuity.  In other words, you own a share of property which is yours for a lifetime.

Is co-ownership a good investment?

If you mean is it a good basis for property speculation, the answer is no.  You could well sell at a profit, particularly in a development like Auchrannie which is of limited size and in a unique location, but essentially co-ownership is an investment for leisure and pleasure. However, you are very largely cushioned against rising costs.  The cost of package holidays, hotel bills, and holiday rentals is bound to go on rising.  You will have already paid once for all your holiday accommodation at today’s prices.  Assuming you are a family of four staying in a good hotel for a week, in 5 years you will have spent over £10,000 on accommodation alone with nothing left to show for it.  Then of course, there’s all the convenience and re-assurances of knowing that your holiday home is always available just when you want it.

Supposing I want a change?

Auchrannie’s Luxury Lodges are affiliated to RCI and have earned a “Gold Crown” award for excellence each year since their inception.  Being a member of RCI means that you can exchange your week(s) for co-ownership periods at any one of over 3,400 resorts in over 90 countries around the world. Because of Auchrannie’s Gold Crown status you qualify to exchange into the very best co-ownership resorts.  When you buy at Auchrannie you decide whether to pay the annual subscription to join RCI.  Thereafter, if you wish to make an exchange, there’s a small additional fee.  UKRE membership allows you to exchange to over 70 UK resorts, and also to resorts throughout the world through its sister company WRE.  Dial-an-Exchange is also an increasingly popular worldwide Resort Exchange offering further options

Can I let my co-ownership?

Yes, its your property.  You can even lend it to friends. If required,  Auchrannie offers a service which can handle the letting without any effort on your part whatsoever.

What other costs are involved?

There is an annual maintenance charge, which covers the actual cost of the maintenance and upkeep of the lodge and surrounding grounds, plus a contribution towards a reserve fund which covers the cost of major refurbishment.  Naturally all costs are subject to scrutiny by the owners club.  Cleaning is undertaken by our housekeeping staff on changeovers and on a weekly basis for extended stays.  Each lodge is supplied with freshly laundered linen, tea towels and swimming towels.

What is the owners club?

The owner's club is the key to your secure ownership and control at Auchrannie.  Title to the lodges is held in trust by trustees Campbell Riddle Trustees Ltd for the benefit of the owner’s club.  When you buy a co-ownership, you automatically become a member of the club and you are entitled to occupy a specific lodge at a specific time and to attend the AGM of the Country Club.  This enables members to keep up to date with Auchrannie developments and to express views on any relevant matters.  The rules of the club, which are detailed in the constitution, provide for the election of an owner’s committee which has full powers to run the club’s affairs.  Auchrannie Leisure Services Ltd have been appointed to take responsibility for managing the lodges.  Generally speaking the interests of members are protected by adopting a “common sense” approach to the running of the club.

Why is Auchrannie co-ownership distinctive?

Owners enjoy some of the lowest management costs of comparable resorts within the UK. We offer the most pressure-free, ethical and friendly sales service.  The owners and developers, the Johnston family are on the resort daily and such a level of personal involvement is most unusual. Owners can choose from 2 leisure clubs and enjoy full membership during their stay.  A choice of 3 restaurants, eighteen69,  Brambles seafood + grill or Cruize bar brasserie.  The lodges have been sensitively styled to the highest standards.

How do I purchase a week?

Choose the time of year and lodge style that most suits your needs.  A purchase agreement is then completed and sent to you along with a “right to cancel”  document which gives you 14 days to enable your legal advisor to read through our constitution, should you wish, or for you to arrange finance.  If for any reason you change your mind within the 14 days simply return the right to cancel form to us and this will cancel the agreement.  Should you wish to proceed just return the signed purchase agreement and, on payment in full, you are issued with a holiday certificate (the legal document which entitles you to use the lodge for that period).

Will I have to pay legal costs?

No, a charge for preparing your holiday certificate is included in the purchase price.  However, there will be your own costs should you wish to consult a solicitor.

What happens if I want to sell?

You are perfectly free to do so, without any restrictions, it is after all your
property.  We can undertake the selling for you if you wish.

Why do the prices vary?

The price of a week is governed by the size of the lodge and the time of year.

for further information about Auchrannie co-ownership or to view the lodges on a strictly informal basis please contact the lodge office on 01770 302 020 or email us at lodges@auchrannie.co.uk