Must See Attractions on Arran

No trip to the isle of Arran is complete without taking in at least some of the best island experiences we have to offer. Some are exhiliterating, others more relaxing. Whatever your pace you'll love what we have to show you.

(Don't forget to download our guide and map to the best must see attractions on Arran before you set off: icon Must See Visitors Guide)

Nothing can compare to the view from the top of Goat Fell. It makes the hard work worthwhile and you feel on top of the world. There are truly no words to give it justice. Take a trip to the top and see it for yourself.

Majestic, noble, magnificent; this is how visitors describe the stags of Lochranza. If you’re lucky enough to see them graze alongside the ancient castle, make sure to savour the experience.

To see Pladda and Ailsa Craig is a joy in itself; to see them from a thrilling ride on a rib boat takes it to a whole new level. Experience a new perspective of Arran with the wind whipping through your hair. Extraordinary scenery + thrilling adventure = sensational!

Creamy, succulent, tantalizingly delicious. Your mouth will water watching cheese making at Torrylinn Creamery. On Arran, we take our food seriously and think of it as an art. Bet you can’t leave the island without a few (dozen!) samples of our fine foods.

Arran has long been a mysterious dwelling. Ramble up the hills of Whiting Bay and discover the Giant’s Grave. Debate amongst yourselves about how this place came to be as you wander back past Glenashdale Falls. Could this have once been the home of magical creatures? Is it still?

The Holy Isle is a bit of an enigma, lying quietly across Lamlash Bay. Visit this sacred place and take part in meditations, yoga courses or Buddhist retreats. If you’re short on time, just wander the island and take in the beautiful walks, prayer flags and tranquillity. You’ll leave the Isle rejuvenated.

Whether visiting for a day or a week, kick back and enjoy lunch, dinner or just some drinks on the balcony of Cruize at Auchrannie and take in the view of Glen Cloy. When they say, “the only thing we overlook is the finest scenery in Scotland,” they mean it. This addictive view will have you coming back to Arran again and again.

There is a reason that Brodick Castle attracts people of all ages. Luscious gardens, mysterious forests, adventure playgrounds and a historical castle offer a complete experience. Take advantage of sunny days by sitting with a cup of tea outside and enjoy the sparkling blue waters of Brodick Bay.

All five senses will be catered to when learning how whisky is made at the Arran Distillery. Walk through the factory, learn the history, and best of all have a wee dram to finish off.

Experience the wonder of the Machrie Moor Standing Stones. Discover the folklore of this beguiling place. It can’t help but spark creativity and curiosity.