Technology puts an end to eight mile long annual paper trail at Auchrannie

After a short but highly successful trial of “paperless billing”, Auchrannie Resort will, from next week be doing away with the traditional printed bill for the vast majority of their guests.

In a bid to improve the customer experience and further enhance the resorts green credentials guests will now be invited to check their bills on small touch-screen monitors with the final copy sitting in their email inbox by the time they reach the ferry home.

The new system aims to cut by 98% the number of guest bills that are printed.  In more measurable terms this means the resort will be saving enough paper on an annual basis that if laid end to end would stretch from the front door of the House Hotel to Whiting Bay, a distance of 8 miles!

Speaking about this latest innovation, reception manager Holly Beedie says “Guests totally love the concept of paperless billing with many people commenting on the fact that this is the first hotel they have visited anywhere in the world that offers this sort of facility. Staff too are really enthusiastic about how much more efficient the checkout process has become since making this change”.

Linda Johnston, Group Director added “We’ve had paperless reservations for quite some time now, so this seemed like the next logical step. Fewer and fewer people want to be carrying around printed materials with them and. Being able to send bills directly to smart phones, laptops and computers appears to be what the overwhelming majority of our customers want”.

This latest green project is one of many implemented in recent years by Auchrannie. The resort already holds the silver ‘Green Tourism Award’, which recognises businesses that meet a rigorous set of criteria, covering a range of areas, like energy and water efficiency, waste management, and biodiversity.