Paterson Arran

Paterson Arran was started in 1895 by Mr and Mrs Paterson, selling home baked oatcakes from their Scottish home in Rutherglen.

The company is now a leading supplier of shortbread, oatcakes, biscuits and other foodstuffs to the retail and food service industries. The company's brands also include Arran Fine Foods; a range of preserves, mustards, chutneys, honey and dressings. Three miles south of Brodick is the coastal village of Lamlash. Situated just outside of this village is the Arran Fine Foods Factory.

In 2013 they produced chutneys for the supermarket chain Tesco with the chutneys including;  Caramelised Red Onion, Apple & Arran Ale, Pear & Plum, Tomato & Red Pepper, and Hot Beetroot.

We sell a selection of their chutneys and jams in our shop in the Spa Resort as well as using a variety of the produce within our three award winning restaurants. If you have the burger in Cruize, the tomato chutney is a perfect accompaniment!!